May 14, 2014

Workers reject offer, begin full strike at United Church Naramata Centre

NARAMATA – Workers at the United Church’s Naramata Centre gave a resounding thumbs down today to a final offer from their employer. The vote required by the Labour Relations Board and requested by the employer.

Following the rejection, all CUPE 608 employees will be off the job beginning at 8 a.m. on Thursday, May 15.

CUPE National Representative Tom O’Leary said that employees at the United Church Centre feel they have no other options, especially given the employer’s decision to force a final offer vote on a proposal the union had rejected last week.

“These employees care about Naramata, and they know many of the clients well. They take this step very seriously. Our members are hopeful that this will encourage the Centre management to begin treating loyal employees as part of the solution, instead of the problem, in fixing long-term financial challenges,” said O’Leary.

CUPE 608 members provide a wide range of services to keep the guest accommodation facility running year-round. Centre management served notice of their intention to contract out a wide range of jobs in December 2013. Bargaining began in early April, with contracting out as a key issue on the table. 


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