Aug 30, 2012

Workers in community health sector to take strike vote

BURNABYTalks to renew the Community Subsector Collective agreement have adjourned and the unions will be conducting a strike vote.

“We are seeking a fair and reasonable deal,” said Pat Taylor, a CUPE member who sits on the multi-union bargaining committee. “Workers in community health have not had a pay increase since 2009 and our members cannot continue to keep falling behind.”

Negotiations resumed for two weeks in Vancouver on August 15, but the government mandate continues to be a roadblock in reaching a fair and reasonable deal.

Although progress has been made on most non-monetary items, outstanding issues include wages and benefits.

“We have been at the table for eight months frustrated by the slow pace of negotiations. The employer continues to refuse to move on some key issues and negotiations have halted,” says Jill Stromnes, CUPE bargaining committee member. “This strike vote is the next step in showing the employer that members are prepared to stand up for the fair and reasonable settlement they deserve.”

CUPE represents approximately 500 members in the CBA which has over 14,000 members, the majority of whom are represented by the BCGEU.  Other Unions at the table are UFCW, HEU, HSA, and USWA.

Details about strike meetings in your area will be posted shortly! For all bargaining updates and information on CUPE’s health sector in BC visit

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