Jun 27, 2011

Vote YES to say NO to the HST

BURNABY – Along with all other British Columbians, CUPE members in BC will soon be receiving their mail-in ballots for the HST referendum. As we all know, the tax was brought in by the BC Liberals after the last election campaign—after campaigning on a promise to NOT bring in the HST.  As a result, delegates to CUPE BC’s 2011 Convention voted to campaign against the tax.

The BC Liberal government didn’t tell the truth about their plans to shift almost $2 billion in tax obligations from businesses to families, but now they expect you to believe their promises to make changes to the regressive tax. The BC Liberals are, in the words of now-Premier Christy Clark, “bribing British Columbians with their own money.”

CUPE BC is urging members to vote “YES” to get rid of the HST.

Members who want to volunteer on the BC NDP campaign to stop the HST can click here.

For more information on the referendum, check out Elections BC’s HST referendum page here.

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