Sep 21, 2015

Vancouver Civic Election Defamation Suit Settled

BURNABY—A defamation suit filed by CUPE BC and CUPE Local 1004 on November 25, 2014 against the Vancouver Civic Non Partisan Association (NPA) and mayoralty candidate Kirk LaPointe has been settled, and all parties to the suit today issued the following joint statement.


In October and November 2014, during the Vancouver civic election campaign, the NPA and its mayoralty candidate Kirk LaPointe made allegations of improper conduct on the part of CUPE Local 1004.  Those allegations also affected CUPE BC.

On November 23, 2014, CUPE Local 1004 and CUPE BC issued a Notice of Civil Claim for damages for defamation for those statements.

Mr. Justice Myers of the British Columbia Supreme Court, in a related judgment dated April 17, 2015, found that there was no evidence that CUPE Local 1004’s campaign contribution was anything but a lawful political contribution.

The NPA and LaPointe unreservedly retract these allegations of improper conduct on the part of CUPE Local 1004 and CUPE BC.

In addition they apologize for any harm that may have been caused to the Plaintiffs.

The parties have agreed to a comprehensive settlement which will result in a dismissal of the Plaintiffs’ defamation action.


COPE 491