Feb 07, 2022

United Way BC bargaining breaks down over wage parity issue

Talks end after UWBC refuses to abandon push for two-tiered wages for regional offices

BURNABY—Bargaining talks between CUPE Local 1760 and United Way BC broke off late last week after the company refused to back away from a two-tiered wage structure that would see newly amalgamated United Way employees at regional offices earn less than their colleagues in the Lower Mainland.

CUPE 1760 will now proceed with a Section 104 grievance against lower rates of pay for regional employees. The parties have agreed to meet later in the spring, after the arbitrator’s decision on the grievance.

“It’s really not a good look for this employer to cause a delay in bargaining because of their position on this issue,” said CUPE 1760 President Debra Elless.

“We’ve been telling them since day one that wage parity for the same work and qualifications is a bedrock principle for the labour movement. Their intransigence is disappointing, especially given United Way’s frequent promotion of its deep roots in labour.”

Elless added that CUPE 1760 remains optimistic about the outcome of the bargaining process, that the two parties can reach a fair agreement that’s financially sound and respects all United Way employees no matter where they work.

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