Aug 18, 2010

Union applies for mediation to settle dispute

VANCOUVER–The City of Quesnel was granted their request for an essential services order today by the Labour Relations Board. This moves them one step closer to their threatened lockout of municipal workers.

CUPE 1050 has applied for a mediator to step in and settle the dispute.

“We are so close, it’s insane that the City is willing to disrupt services to residents,” says CUPE 1050 president Dan Weiman.

Services that could be disrupted by the City’s lockout action include the arena, garbage, building permits, inspection services, parks and others including those at the airport and cemetery.

Weiman questions why the City is in such a rush to put services to Quesnel residents at risk. “We’ve been doing everything we can to reach a collective agreement and we believe Quesnel residents deserve the same from the City,” says Weiman. “Does the City have a hidden agenda? If not, what’s the rush?”

CUPE 1050 represents 114 municipal workers in Quesnel who provide municipal services. Talks broke off May 26 and they have been working without a contract since June.

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