Nov 04, 2011

The case for Public Water - online and on TV

ABBOTSFORD –The Abbotsford Water for Life /Maude Barlow show is online! Working TV’s production of the outspoken Council of Canadians leader speaking on public water and Water Watch Mission-Abbotsford’s own video The Future of Water in Abbotsford have been melded into a two-part production available at: 

Part 1:

The program is also running on Shaw TV including in Mission and Abbotsford (usually Channel 4). The broadcast schedule is as follows, beginning on Saturday, Nov. 5.

Saturday, Nov. 5 @ 3:30-4pm
Saturday, Nov. 5 @ 10-10:30pm
Sunday, Nov. 6 @ 12-12:30am (Sunday morning)
Monday, Nov. 7 @ 3:30-4am
Tuesday, Nov. 8 @ 1:30-2am
Wednesday, Nov. 9 @ 2-2:30am
Wednesday, Nov. 9 @ 2:30-3am
Thursday, Nov. 10 @ 1:30-2pm
Friday, Nov. 11 @ 1-1:30am
Saturday, Nov. 12 @ 2:30-3am

Follow Water Watch Mission-Abbotsford’s campaign at: , on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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