Jun 10, 2013

Strong support at rally for locked out NSWC employees

NORTH VANCOUVER – CUPE hosted a well attended rally Saturday (June 8) to support locked out CUPE Local 389 members at the North Shore Winter Club. Staff at the NSWC have been locked out by their employer since May 3.

Supporters from all over the mainland were in attendance including  CUPE members, other union members, North Vancouver residents and family and friends of the locked out CUPE members. Attendees enjoyed the CUPE BC community events trailer and a BBQ lunch provided by CUPE Local 389.

CUPE BC president Mark Hancock spoke at the rally as well as BC Federation of Labour president Jim Sinclair and CUPE National Representative John Strohmaier.

Hancock called for NSWC general manger David Long to end the ‘senseless lockout’ and get CUPE members back to work.

“This employer continues to show no respect for their employees. After locking members out they attempted to have scabs perform CUPE members’ work. We will not allow management to break the law. CUPE BC will stand behind CUPE 389 members and will do everything in our power to make sure that this lockout ends and that CUPE members at the NSWC end up with a fair and reasonable collective agreement.”

Friday May 31 the Labour Relations Board issued a strongly-worded decision in which they found that the NSWC had been using scab labour during the month-long lockout.

The decision declares Chris Puckett to be an illegal replacement worker and also ruled that Crocus Landscape Design & Construction has been illegally providing lawn mowing, trimming and weeding at the club during the lockout.

Puckett had been working inside the NSWC maintaining the ice rink – work normally done by specialized CUPE employees. 

“Since managers can no longer use scabs to do the work CUPE members normally perform they will have to take it on themselves, which means more duties and longer hours,” says Strohmaier. “Our main concern remains the safety and well being of members and guests and their families using the facilities at the club. While other people are attempting to do our work we want to make sure that all health and safety standards and procedures are being followed.”

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Send an email to the North Shore Winter Club Board of Directors and tell them to end the lockout and get back to the bargaining table.

Send an email to the managers at the North Shore Winter Club and tell them to end the lockout and get back to the bargaining table. Tell them it’s time for a fair deal for CUPE 389 members.

Send a letter to the editor of the North Shore News: [email protected]

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