Aug 10, 2011

Still at the table—but ready for job action

BURNABY—B.C.’s community social services workers have moved closer to job action this week, with essential service levels now complete and an agreement reached on Tuesday regarding the outstanding issue of regional strike headquarters. A bargaining subcommittee of the Community Social Services Bargaining Association negotiating committee began bargaining this morning at 9:30 a.m. 

The small committee takes instruction and direction from the larger CSSBA committee, with a clear mandate to report back for consultation and approval from the entire committee.

With both parties at the table until Friday, it is important to rely on solid information about bargaining progress. CUPE members are encouraged not to listen to strike rumours shared by employers but to contact their local president.

“In the event that job action occurs, you will be informed by your local,” says CUPE’s CSS coordinator Cheryl Colborne. “So no one should take job action until authorized to do so.”

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