Mar 12, 2020

Statement from CUPE BC on COVID-19 and CUPE BC events

“CUPE BC has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 Pandemic developments in British Columbia and Canada. At this time, we are considering all options regarding our upcoming Conventions and other events, including making significant changes, postponing, or canceling our upcoming CUPE BC Convention.

Pandemic response is a collective responsibility and we all must take action to minimize the spread of this virus. Furthermore, CUPE members play very critical roles in our communities providing services and infrastructure the public rely on, especially during an emergency. These services are critical and we must take all possible steps to reduce the potential for COVID-19 to spread among our members and communities.

Please stay tuned for updates from CUPE BC on upcoming events as we consult with CUPE National and our CUPE BC Executive Board on next steps.”

COPE 491