Feb 20, 2013

Solid Support for Respect in Langley K-12

LANGLEY—The executive of CUPE Local 1260 (Langley K-12 support staff/education workers) recently launched an idea they call their Respect Initiative.  CUPE 1260 shop steward Marnie Wilson describes the concept as “getting our members more involved in volunteering in the community and earning the respect of the public.”

Marnie says the local decided it needed a logo that the public could see and differentiate K-12 support staff from the thousands of other vital CUPE workers in communities across the province.  “We asked ourselves how we could let the public know that we are working with their children in their schools – we’re not their municipal workers or their paramedics,” Marnie explains.

After some discussion they came up with the idea of depicting people physically holding up a school - the actual support structure of a school building. 

That’s when they hit their first snag. “Unfortunately I am NO artist, so my stick figures being squashed by a church-like building just didn't cut it,” explains Marnie.  The solution was a local Grade 11 budding artist named Kassaundra Robson. 

Kassaundra took the local’s idea and ran with it. In no time she produced the logo pictured here which the local calls “something that really tells a story of who we are and what we do.”  Marnie adds that, “Kassaundra is such a talented young woman and the fact that the logo for the Langley CUPE support staff was created by a student in one of our own schools is the icing on the cake.” 

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