Feb 19, 2014

Skytrain contract talks derailed

BURNABY – Talks have broken off between CUPE Skytrain workers and BC Rapid Transit Company.  The two sides reached impasse today at the bargaining table after eight months of negotiations. 

CUPE Local 7000 represents 537 Skytrain operators, attendants, trades, maintenance workers, office staff and dispatchers.  The Canadian Union of Public Employees members have been without a new contract since last August. 

CUPE 7000 spokesperson Annaliese Hunt called the impasse “extremely disappointing in light of how fiscally responsible and open to negotiation we have been throughout this process.”  She said the bargaining team will meet with the membership of the local early next week to discuss next steps. 

Outstanding issues include company demands for concessions in the form of extensive changes to the employees’ sick plan benefits and the introduction of a two-tiered system for retiree benefits.  


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