Jun 11, 2021

Sign the pledge to support public health care!

VANCOUVER—Public health care is under attack—again.

Last September, the BC Supreme Court dealt a strong blow to the efforts of Dr. Brian Day to undermine our publicly-funded health care system. Dr. Day’s Cambie Clinic, one of the largest for-profit surgical centres in Canada, sought to invalidate key sections of the BC Medicare Protection Act (MPA) and usher in U.S.-style profit-driven health care. But the Court’s decision made it clear that the Cambie Clinic’s case was about profit—not wait times—and that public solutions are the most effective way to ensure quality patient care.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Day has launched an appeal. Hearings start on Monday (June 14th) and will run throughout the week at the BC Court of Appeal. The BC Health Coalition is calling on its partners and all British Columbians to show strong support for our public health care system. 

You can do that by taking a moment to sign and share the pledge to support public health care.

A loss at the BC Court of Appeal would invalidate the historic victory at the BC Supreme Court affirming the importance of public health care. Signing the pledge shows you are standing up to defend public health care. We need to make it stronger, not take two steps backwards by losing infrastructure and resources.

For more information on the Cambie appeal, see the Coalition’s webinar, “Defending public health care: the Cambie appeal,” or its abridged recording, now posted at

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