Sep 28, 2012

Royal Roads Workers on Path to Job Action

VICTORIA – CUPE workers at Royals Roads University have voted 96% in favor of strike action. The strike mandate comes after more than two years without a new contract.

CUPE Local 3886 president Paul Allison says the results aren’t surprising given the level of frustration among his members. “We’re tired of hearing about zeros and we’re tired of not making any progress at the bargaining table. Our members want a fair wage increase and reasonable job security and inflation protection,” says Allison. The Zero Mandate was legislated by the BC Liberals for 2010 and 2011 and prevented public sector wage increases during the period.

The 62 members of the union local include gardeners, tradespeople, maintenance and custodial workers. Allison says the motion to take a strike vote came off the floor at a recent union meeting and passed unanimously. Fifty seven (92%) cast ballots in the strike vote. The union must still serve 72-hour strike notice to the BC Labour Relations Board before launching job action.  


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