Apr 19, 2013

Provincial Election Update #1

This is the first in a series of updates for members that we’ll be sending during the provincial election campaign, which got underway earlier this week.

Yesterday, NDP Leader Adrian Dix announced his party’s plan for post-secondary education and skills training if he wins the election on May 14.

The NDP plan would see $100 million invested each year in a needs-based, non-repayable grant program for post-secondary education students, and $40 million added to the skills training and apprenticeship program.

Today, Dix announced the NDP’s K-12 education platform plank. If elected, the NDP will invest $100 million per year to hire “new teachers, teaching assistants [EAs], librarians, and counsellors to provide students – including those with special needs and ESL students – with the classroom support they need to learn and succeed.”

The NDP also said that if elected it would add $60 million to provide more spaces and lower the cost of infant and toddler care. Families with children in licensed care will save an average of $2,000 per year.

To learn more about the NDP’s plans for post-secondary education and skills training, please visit

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