Jul 02, 2015

Plebiscite loss highlights lack of leadership from Premier—CUPE BC

BURNABY—The defeat of the Metro Vancouver transportation plebiscite should shift the spotlight on to the lack of leadership from Premier Christy Clark and her BC Liberal government, CUPE BC President Mark Hancock said today.

“This plebiscite never made any rational sense other than as political cover for Premier Clark to avoid tough decisions about the future of transportation and transit in the Lower Mainland,” said Hancock. “It may be smart politics in a narrow partisan sense, but it’s an absolute abdication of leadership on one of the most important files the region—and by extension the whole province—faces.

“Nonetheless, the voters who voted have spoken, and it’s now up to the BC Liberals to fix Translink, make it more accountable to the taxpayers who fund it, and find a way forward that tackles the hugely important economic issue of how residents get to and from work.”

Hancock said he was particularly disappointed by the results because the transportation and transit improvements in the plan would have benefited working people in the region, particularly low-income earners.

“I want to thank the many CUPE members who voted in this plebiscite, regardless of which way they voted,” said Hancock. “While CUPE BC fundamentally rejects plebiscites or referenda to decide public policy, it’s still crucial that we participate in our democracy.”


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