The CUPE BC Persons with Disabilities Committee provides information, awareness and education on disability issues to members with disabilities, the general membership and the CUPE BC Executive Board.

The Committee promotes: awareness of disability related issues within CUPE and in the community; supports disability related events; works with other CUPE BC Committees to advance disability issues; works with allies in the communities where CUPE members work and live; and forwards resolutions to the annual CUPE BC Convention to advance disability rights. For a number of years we have supported the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3rd).

We continue to work with the CUPE BC and CUPE National Executive Boards to promote: disability awareness training; encourage members with disabilities to participate in their Local and CUPE BC; and encourage Locals to bargain equity language.

Committee members

Anusha Balram
Local Staff-BCRO/Div
Monica Brady
Alternate Regional Vice President North, Local 2052
Yvonne M. Desabrais
Local 703
Brittany Gibbons
Allan Henricks
Local 728
Ellen Monteith
Local 900
Harmony Raine
Local 3500
Azu (Azucena) Rudland
Local 4951
Pat Shade
Diversity Vice President Persons with Disabilities, Local 951
Laurie Whyte
Alternate Diversity Vice President Persons with Disabilities, Local 951