Pay Equity

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Pay equity is the principle, or the compensation practice, that recognizes that workers who perform (not identical or similar work) work of equal value should be paid equally.

While CUPE has had successes in collective bargaining with individual employers, we have not been able to close the gender-based wage gap in many of our sectors.

And, in many cases where CUPE was successful in negotiating pay equity, employers have often reneged on what they agreed to at the bargaining table, by vigorously undermining and challenging at arbitration any interpretation of pay equity other than the very narrowest.

For this reason, CUPE BC is continuing its on-going campaign for pay equity legislation in British Columbia. Currently B.C. is only one of six jurisdictions out of fourteen in Canada that does not have pay equity legislation.

The CUPE BC Pay Equity working group continues to educate CUPE locals on the importance of bargaining pay equity and lobbies government to adopt pay equity legislation.

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