Dec 20, 2013

NSWC employees reject club’s latest offer

NORTH VANCOUVER – Locked out CUPE employees at the North Shore Winter Club (NSWC) have overwhelmingly voted down the club’s latest contract offer. After being locked out for more than seven months the club’s managers and board members are now trying to cut the unionized work force in half.

“The NSWC continues to show very little respect for their own employees and after seven months we still don’t have a fair and reasonable contract that addresses the concerns at the club,” says CUPE National Representative John Strohmaier. “In early December the club applied for mediation and we were hopeful that they would end the lockout, but instead a few weeks before Christmas they told employees that they were seeking to eliminate almost half of the unionized positions at the club.”

CUPE 389 members who work at the NSWC voted on the club’s latest offer Thursday Dec.19 and overwhelmingly rejected the potential layoffs the club is seeking.

“Being told you could potentially lose your job is never a pleasant experience, but to be told that right before the holiday season is especially upsetting,” notes Strohmaier. “It’s time for NSWC board members to take responsibility for this dispute and do the right thing and get CUPE members back to work and end this dispute.”









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