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December 10, 2009

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Behind The Rings

I want to take this opportunity to extend a big congratulations to all those who have been putting together events throughout the province to support our Ambulance Paramedics. Of course, we all know how intrusive and destructive Bill 21 has been for paramedics as well as the terrible precedent it is trying to set in denying the democratic right to free collective bargaining for all workers.

A recent provincial poll by StratCom that we commissioned tells us that British Columbians are as concerned as we are about the state of their ambulance service. Each of the events we are holding throughout B.C. is giving them an opportunity to voice those concerns. Furthermore, CUPE locals, district councils, labour councils and the BC Federation of Labour are all pleased to be part of your great work.

We need to continue telling our neighbours and friends the truth about what is happening. We need to dispel the myths and misinformation put forward by the government and reproduced in the media. Attacks on our workers, as well as personal attacks against me, will not deter us.

Many of you have asked about “Behind the Rings” the commercial I have been proposing. Once completed, it will run outside B.C. to inform others—through national and international media—about what is really going on in our province.

In closing, I want to offer congratulations once again to all of you for your work. Our collective strategy is helping to warn the public of what is really happening. Let me take this opportunity to wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season.

In Solidarity,

Barry O’Neill


CUPE BC Divison