Apr 10, 2014

New wave of new delegates lands at convention

VANCOUVER - New delegates attended a session Wednesday to learn about Rules of Order and gain a better understanding of CUPE BC’s annual convention. Paul Albrecht, regional vice president for Fraser Valley District, chaired the session.  He welcomed delegates, thanked them for “stepping up to the business of CUPE” and introduced CUPE’s Executive Board.

CUPE BC president Mark Hancock told new delegates not to let the rules or formalities scare them off. “If you are a first time speaker and make a mistake, don’t worry.  We want to hear what you have to say.”

“It’s an amazing feeling seeing this room full,” said secretary-treasurer Paul Faoro. “This union relies on activists like you and having this new wave feels really good.”

Hancock reviewed rules of order and offered new delegates the tip to hang their credential badge on the inside of their door every night. The advice should not be taken lightly. If a delegate loses their credentials, they are locked out of the proceedings and the entire convention must approve a replacement badge.

Faoro talked about how convention comes together, walked new delegates through the procedure binder, and explained the role of the various committees.

CUPE education representative Greg Burkitt gave a breakdown on various types of resolutions that delegates deal with.

Chair Paul Albrecht wrapped up the session by saying that CUPE’s strength is based on our willingness to take action together.  He told new delegates to relax and enjoy convention.


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