Jun 19, 2020

National Indigenous Peoples Day

CUPE BC Diversity Vice President (Indigenous Workers) Debra Merrier marches with executive board members at 2017 Walk for Reconciliation.BURNABY – Sunday, June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mass gatherings are not possible this year, but here are some ways CUPE members can observe this important occasion. CUPE BC’s Indigenous Workers Committee encourages all CUPE members and their families to learn more about this important day.

On Sunday at 3 pm PST you can watch a livestream of virtual events from across the country.

Want to read about the history of indigenous peoples? Here’s a great resource:

For more information on National Indigenous Peoples Day:

The Fraser River Indigenous Society is hosting a Facebook event on June 21. Learn more here:

June also marks National Indigenous History Month. Learn more here:

To learn more about CUPE BC’s Indigenous Workers Committee, click here.

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