Jan 27, 2014

Naramata Centre considering contracting out

NARAMATA – CUPE Employees at the Naramata Centre are facing layoffs as the Centre considers contracting out their work.

Naramata Centre, which is owned by the United Church of Canada and operated by the Naramata Centre Society, issued layoff notices to food services, grounds maintenance and housekeeping staff and informed CUPE Local 608 of the Centre’s intent to contract out these services last December.  

“CUPE BC opposes the direction Naramata Centre is taking,” says CUPE BC president Mark Hancock. “CUPE has been using Naramata Centre for more than 40 years and we are very disturbed that after all these years they now want to contract out these services. CUPE BC is committed to supporting CUPE Local 608 in their campaign to stop the contracting out at the Centre.”

Naramata Centre employees have been CUPE 608 members for 20 years; however several employees have worked at the Centre even longer.

“CUPE employees at Naramata Centre consider themselves to be loyal partners of the Centre,” says CUPE 608 president Brianne Hillson. “The Centre says they have decided to contract out our members work to save money. However, laying off employees who make between $15,000 and $30,000 per year will not solve the pressing issues at Naramata.”

Hillson says that CUPE 608 is committed to the continued success of Naramata Centre and that they are hopeful that the employer will engage in meaningful discussion with the union and consider all alternatives to contracting out.

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