Nov 18, 2020

MPP Plan Partners Redesign Survey Results

Letter to CUPE Local Presidents in BC
From Secretary-Treasurer Trevor Davies

Dear Local Presidents,

CUPE BC is one of seven “employee-side” Plan Partners of the BC Municipal Pension Plan (MPP), along with other unions and organizations representing members registered in the plan. There are also four employer-side Partners appointed by the institutions listed here.

Last year, the Partners began work on a redesign of the MPP, which included a member engagement and consultation process outlining the proposed changes to members. On November 5, the CUPE BC Executive Board voted to support the Plan Partners’ redesign of the BC MPP. This decision was made following an extensive review of the proposed changes, member feedback generated through the Plan Partner’s consultation process, the CUPE member survey, the CUPE BC-led info webinars, and the opinion of an independent actuary.

Another key factor in the decision of the Executive Board is that the Board of Trustees would still need to act to address issues regarding cross subsidies in the event that the Plan Partners are unable to reach agreement on the proposed changes. We believe the proposed plan design changes are better than what the Trustees would be required and able to do. It is clear that there is no scenario in which the plan would remain the same, and we believe that the best plan for CUPE members is that which is being proposed by the Plan Partners.

The membership survey revealed that while a majority of members supported the proposed changes, strong opinions exist on elements of the changes in terms of their differential impact. Making a decision on such a polarizing issue is extremely difficult, and we acknowledge that some members may be disappointed to learn of the position taken by the CUPE BC Executive Board. We want all members to know that this decision was made only upon careful consideration of all available options and in the best interest of the majority of CUPE members in the Pension Plan.

For more information regarding the proposed changes, please visit:  

In solidarity on behalf of the CUPE BC Executive Board,

Trevor Davies

Membership MPP survey results: MPP Survey



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