Mar 05, 2012

Metro Vancouver Council to host IWD lunch

SURREY—In celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) 2012, CUPE Metro Vancouver District Council will host a free lunch and celebration to honour women in Surrey. 

The third annual celebration focuses on service providers who support women and the women who benefit from these services. This event is unique in that it honours those least able to pay to attend a celebration of women. 

Cindy McQueen, vice-president of CUPE Metro council says, “many women who use women’s services can’t afford to attend IWD celebrations even though they are often most hurt by cuts to women’s services. This event will provide them with an opportunity to celebrate along with other women all over the world.”

This promises to be an exciting event and includes a delicious lunch, a wonderful speaker and entertainment. Speaking at this event will be Surrey-Green Timbers MLA Sue Hammell and the entertainment will be provided by Aboriginal Women's Ensemble M'Girl.

Craft activities will be provided by experienced CUPE child care workers, and women and their children will be provided with free bagged lunches they can take home as well as transportation to and from the event. 

Sarah Bjorknas, CUPE Metro council member-at-large, says that based on past experience it is important to offer free transportation to the event.  “We want to make sure that this event is accessible to everyone, we don’t want anyone to not be able to participate because they couldn’t get to the event. This is a very special day for the women who participate and we are very proud to see that Metro is continuing this fabulous tradition of honouring women!”

The event is open to women in Surrey and is happening on March 8 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre, 13512 108Avenue, Surrey.

Transportation to and from the event will be available.  For more information contact Cindy McQueen at [email protected]  or by phone 778-688-9537.

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