Nov 27, 2013

Last chance to take action: Tell your MP not to gamble with passenger safety

Do you believe that it’s unacceptable to compromise safety for passengers on Canada’s airlines?  Flight attendants are first and foremost safety professionals. Unfortunately, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has announced its intention to reduce the number of flight attendants aboard passenger aircrafts, thereby putting corporate profit ahead of passenger safety.

Without any consultation, the Conservatives have opened the door to this dangerous change by granting an exemption to WestJet, then to Sunwing, increasing the ratio of flight attendants from one for every 40 to one for every 50 passenger seats. A similar request from Air Canada is also under consideration and the Conservative government is now seeking to amend the regulation to allow other Canadian carriers to follow the 1 for every 50 passenger seats standard.

Please click here to sign the petition. In the interest of passenger safety, act and encourage your friends and family to do the same. The petition will be presented on Friday, so please act today!

And, with a single click here, you can send a message to your MP asking him/her to put pressure on the Conservative government to maintain the ratio of one flight attendant to 40 passengers, a proven safety standard.




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