May 30, 2014

K-12 workers—Thanks for the solidarity!

BURNABY—CUPE BC President Mark Hancock and Secretary-Treasurer Paul Faoro today thanked the 27,000 CUPE workers in the K-12 system for their solidarity and support for the BC Teachers Federation on the picket line this week.

“I had the opportunity to visit a number of picket lines in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island this past week, and I’m extremely impressed with the spirit and energy our members have shown in support of teachers,” said Hancock. “Just as the teachers were with us in our last round of difficult bargaining, we stand with them now. I also want to thank the many CUPE members working in other sectors who’ve joined our K-12 members on the picket line in solidarity.”

Faoro said that his visits to picket lines in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley reminded him of the power of solidarity and collective action, as well as the importance of political action.

“This dispute is a direct result of the last election, and demonstrates once again that in 2017 we must work harder than ever before to elect a government that understands the right of workers to free collective bargaining,” said Faoro. “CUPE members get it, and the conversations I’ve had with members on the picket line indicate that they’ll be a force to be reckoned with, both in the 2017 provincial election, and in the local elections in November.”

Hancock said CUPE members will continue to honour the BCTF’s picket lines next week during the second week of rotating strikes.

“Paul and I are going to do our best to get out to areas we haven’t been able to get to this week, but I want to thank in advance every one of our 27,000 members who work hard every day to keep our schools safe, secure and inclusive,” said Hancock.

To see gallery of photographs of CUPE members on picket lines around the province, go to the CUPE BC photo gallery or go to CUPE BC’s Facebook page.


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