Jan 14, 2021

K-12 Bulletin #48 - STOP contracting out

Important information about EA hours and early care and learning

CUPE National and CUPE BC have long supported the creation of a universal system of affordable child care. Members and staff have campaigned for this particularly hard in the last two years. We also bargained language to ensure that CUPE locals and members will have an opportunity to work collaboratively with school districts to create a broader education system. That language is under threat.

The re-election of the BC NDP to a majority government has given us a historic opportunity to create a universal system of affordable child care.


The only way we can achieve universal affordable child care is by delivering it as a high-quality, public service. We know that the most effective and efficient way to create a truly universal system – accessible to everyone who needs it – is by building out the existing K-12 public education system to include early care and learning.

High quality affordable child care in schools — and in every neighbourhood in the province – would be life-changing for families.


In our last round of negotiations with BCPSEA we specifically bargained language in the Provincial Framework Agreement (PFA) that committed school districts to work collaboratively with CUPE locals to explore opportunities to better transition children from early care and learning to kindergarten. This was meant to bring child care into our schools and to create opportunity for our existing membership, particularly education assistants, to access more full-time hours.

Despite our efforts, we have seen a troubling trend emerge. Child care is being contracted out in many school districts, without any dialogue or opportunity for collaboration with CUPE locals. This is a direct violation of the PFA and we must put a stop to it. We cannot allow our work to be contracted out. We cannot remain silent while our contract is ignored.


This issue is very serious. We can turn this trend around by taking action in our individual districts. CUPE staff are prepared to support you in this effort. Please get in touch with your servicing rep who will work with your local and district on this.

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