Feb 08, 2012

Join CoDev for its Opening Night Gala this Friday….

VANCOUVER—On Friday, February 10, join CoDevelopment Canada at Langara College for the opening of its 11th annual World Community Film Festival, starting with the Vancouver premiere of “Just Do It” at 7:30 pm and a reception at 9:00 in the Faculty Lounge.

Just Do It (90 min. 2011) Director: Emily James

Screening: Theatre 5 (Room A130) Langara College

Billed as a tale of modern-day outlaws, Just Do It has been described by The Guardian’s Danny Leigh as “a smart, funny, adrenalized portrait of 21st-century activism.” The world of environmental direct action has been a secretive one, until now. With unprecedented access, filmmaker Emily James spent over a year embedded in UK activist groups such as Climate Camp and Plane Stupid, documenting their clandestine activities. This film is a totally independent project, made possible by the generosity of over 100 volunteers and 447 crowd funders that documents the non-violent direct actions methods of these climate activists that were also utilized by the Occupy movement.

Just Do It introduces you to a powerful cast of mischievous and inspiring characters who put their bodies in the way in the fight against climate change. They super-glue themselves to bank trading floors, blockade factories and attack coal power stations en masse, all despite the very real threat of arrest. One of the activists, Marina Pepper, is a cheerful soul who believes in the subversive power of offering the police a nice cup of tea. The protest groups are intensely British, a roving awkward squad, intent on being a fly in the ointment of profit; yet they make friends with the bemused cops and bailiffs, and get a bit upset when things inevitably turn sour. Just Do It is an absorbing, illuminating, and at times very funny film.

With: Love in Action (5 min. 2011) Filmmaker: Velcrow Ripper

In this inspirational film, Velcrow Ripper captures the vibrancy of the epic Occupy Oakland general strike, set to the hauntingly beautiful music from the ‘Saracen’ album by Jef Stott. Acclaimed spoken word artist Drew Dellinger recites his powerful poem, ‘Occupy Wall Street,’ as he moves through the crowd of dedicated activists. Dellinger says, “Our communities need us. We are all leaders. How could we ask for anything less than the future?”

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