Aug 28, 2012

Job action likely even as CSSBA returns to bargaining table

Public rally to be held on September 13 in support of community social services

BURNABY—With a strong strike mandate backing members’ demands for a fair deal in General Services and Community Living Services; the Community Social Services Bargaining Association (CSSBA) will meet with employers on September 17 and 18.

Potential job action is likely without a change in the provincial government’s restrictive, so-called “cooperative gains” bargaining approach. It dictates that all public sector workers must find “savings” in their collective agreement to fund any wage increase.

Currently, the bargaining association is pressing the last employers to complete their essential services levels, which must be in place before unions can commence any job action.

We will keep you informed of any job action after we meet with the employers.

Earlier this summer, members in General Services voted 85 per cent in favour of strike action and members in Community Living Services voted 90 per cent in favour.  Strike votes are now underway in Aboriginal Services after talks broke down on August 17.

On September 13, CSSBA will hold a public rally at noon in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, with hot dogs provided. Everyone who is available is encouraged to attend, and to bring friends and family to demonstrate a strong show of support for our bargaining issues and the services we provide.

Additional activities are also in the planning stages.

In the broader public sector, the BCGEU has initiated three regional strike actions over the summer for direct government workers, with solidarity support from CSSBA unions.

CUPE members in the CSS sector are asked to keep in touch with their local executive and visit for further updates.


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