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Joining CUPE

If you and your co-workers are interested in organizing a union in your workplace, contact us at: 1-844-CUPE-YES (287-3937)  or [email protected], or just click here to send a confidential message to an organizer.

To join CUPE BC, you and your fellow workers need to be organized as a CUPE local. You can then vote to affiliate your local with CUPE BC.

When you organize as a CUPE local you can negotiate with your employer for a collective agreement that covers all members of your work group.

A CUPE agreement protects you from being fired without reason and ensures your rights. It gives you a way to resolve workplace disputes. Promotions under most union agreements are based on experience, not who the boss likes best. And a union agreement gives you the power to bargain for higher wages and better benefits – all backed by the strength of Canada’s largest union and a powerful defender of public services.

Once you join CUPE, you and your co-workers are in charge. You decide what the priorities are for your agreement, the level of your dues and how your CUPE local will operate.

At every step, you’ll have the support of CUPE’s trained experts in bargaining, research, legal advice, health and safety, equality, education, job evaluation and communications.

For more information on how CUPE supports locals, click here.

For more information about joining CUPE visit the CUPE National web site.

Why join CUPE?

There really is strength in numbers. That’s why CUPE is the biggest union in British Columbia. By joining CUPE, you gain access to the resources of Canada's largest union, including labour relations expertise, communications, research, legal and equity support. 

The benefits of joining a union include guaranteed rights in a contract, respect and protection from discrimination and access to expert help from lawyers, educators and experienced negotiators who will help get you the best deal possible. Also, unionized workers generally have higher wages than non-union workers.

Most of all though, with CUPE, you get a strong voice in your workplace. This helps you do the best job possible. No one knows your job better than you, and by organizing with CUPE, you can help make your work more efficient, safer and better for the public.

Joining CUPE is a smart move and it’s completely confidential. You’re joining over 600,000 workers across Canada who already enjoy good contracts and decent wages.