Jun 03, 2015

HEU supports CUPE 873-03 members at Royal Columbian picket line

NEW WESTMINSTER—On the second full day of job action against SN Transport, CUPE 873-03 members were joined today by HEU members and other union supporters for a four-hour picket line held at Royal Columbian Hospital.

“HEU’s support has been tremendous. We really appreciate the solidarity shown by individual members who have come out to the picket line,” said CUPE National Representative John Strohmaier, noting that 26 HEU members showed up with placards and flags.

He also thanked members of the BC Ferry and Marine Workers’ Union and others who attended the picket line.

“The support we’re getting is all the more important, given that this employer has been using tactics to create chaos and turn members against their union,” said Strohmaier, adding that some members were left stranded at the end of their last shift before the strike because the employer had required all vehicles to be dropped off at designated depots—regardless of where the shift had begun.

The four-hour picket was the first in what is expected to be a series of rotating job actions throughout the course of the strike. Due to an essential service order issued on Monday, the bargaining unit is required to operate at nearly 100 per cent of services—thus limiting the availability of picketers.

During the strike, CUPE 873-03 is asking members of the public to use SN Transport only as a last resort for patient transfer services.

“There’s a large number of available options people can turn to for alternative means of transport,” said Strohmaier, singling out HandyDart, taxis, and the BC Ambulance Service as examples.

For photos of the SN Transport job action, visit the gallery.


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