Sep 16, 2015

Harper must negotiate release of Canadian journalist imprisoned in Egypt—CUPE BC

BURNABY—British Columbia’s largest union has called on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to take action to have Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy released from prison in Egypt and deported to his home country. CUPE BC’s message to the prime minister is in addition to the letter last week from Paul Moist, national president of CUPE, as well as an open letter signed by more than 300 prominent Canadians.

“You don’t have to read very much about Mohamed Fahmy’s case to know that he and his co-accused were simply journalists just doing their jobs, and nothing more,” said CUPE BC President Mark Hancock. “By any standard it’s an outrage that he’s spent even a minute in prison. But the sad fact is that Fahmy has already spent more than 400 days in prison after his first trial, and since his appeal was denied by the Egyptian courts three weeks ago he’s been back in prison.

“We appreciate that the Canadian government has given Fahmy some support during this ordeal, but we’re calling on Harper to communicate directly with the Egyptian president to have him released immediately. No worker should ever be imprisoned simply for doing their job.”

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Hancock’s letter to Harper can be read here.


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