Apr 11, 2014

Faoro: “working together, nothing will get in our way”

VANCOUVER - In his first report to convention as CUPE BC Secretary-Treasurer, Paul Faoro told delegates that CUPE BC finances are on solid ground.  Faoro gave an overview of finances and talked about challenges caused by right-wing governments. He pointed to increased ferry, transit, hydro and MSP rates; rising tuition fees; and crumbling child care. Faoro blamed an orchestrated attack from the right, policies like core services reviews and Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s attacks on unions and union rights.

“All signs point to tougher fights coming down the road,” said Faoro. “These attacks reinforce that we must move forward with one mind and one heart.”

Faoro talked about new technology and innovations that will ensure we can connect with members effectively and efficiently. The Current, CUPE BC’s new electronic newsletter, is now going out to members via e-mail, and CUPE BC has held two virtual town hall meetings to hear from Local presidents across B.C. 

CUPE BC is using new systems to save money on cell phones, office equipment and meetings.  And through prudent fund management CUPE BC has enjoyed a high rate of return year after year.

“I want to use every penny to benefit members,” said Faoro.

Faoro told delegates that he was deeply honoured to serve as CUPE BC Secretary- Treasurer. He thanked locals, activists, elected officers and staff for their hard work over the year.

“We have a lot of work to do over the coming years and many challenges ahead,” said Faoro. “If we all commit to working together, nothing will get in our way.”


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