Aug 24, 2011

Details of Tentative Settlement in Community Living Services and General Services

BURNABY—The Community Social Services Bargaining Association (CSSBA) today released the Comprehensive Report and the detailed language changes in the tentative settlement. Information briefing and balloting arrangements are being finalized and will be provided as soon as possible.

“This agreement is welcome as it offers important improvements for workers who support children, women, adults with developmental disabilities, and other vulnerable members in our communities. It improves job security and fair work practices for workers, such as bumping, job selection language and bullying. In addition, the government has approved a $600,000 retraining grant for workers in the sector,” says CUPE’s CSS bargaining coordinator Cheryl Colborne.

The tentative agreement, which will need to be ratified by both union members and employers, covers the 15,000 workers in Community Living Services and General Services.

Outstanding issues still remain for workers doing similar jobs under the Aboriginal Services general agreement. Negotiations for that group of workers are scheduled to continue in late September.

COPE 491