May 17, 2012

CUPE Taking a Stand Against Workplace Homophobia

BURNABY— In the past months, there has been increasing awareness of the devastating impact that homophobic bullying can have in high schools. The same issues exist in workplaces, and hurts worker’s moral, and the company bottom line.

 Mental harassment and psychological disorders, bullying and professional psychological illnesses are just a few of the damaging side effects of discrimination. Loss of productivity and staff turnover are another.

On May 17th, CUPE is joining the International Day to End Homophobia with a message about homophobia in the workplace.

The theme of this year’s campaign is: Sexual diversity in the workplace, it pays off! The goal of the campaign is to point out the positive aspects of sexual diversity in the workplace as well as its benefits for employers, companies, institutions and workers alike.

“Discrimination on the workplace comes at a cost to employers and to all workers. CUPE is proud to support the 10th annual End Homophobia Day and its message of tolerance in each and every workplace” says CUPE BC Pink Triangle working group chair Cindy McQueen.

“All CUPE members have the right to a workplace that is welcoming and open to sexual diversity, so that all workers are given a chance to reach their full potential.”

The Pink Triangle working group is comprised of McQueen, Kathy McMahon, Miriam Pulsifer, Brenda Voelk, Janet Bigelow, Crystal Broad, Michael Forrester, Kevin Robichaud, Michael Reed, Matt Quiring.

This video featuring UN Secretary General Ban-ki Moon highlights how far we have to go for the struggle for GLBTTI rights:

To learn more and to get involved with the committee, check out their website:

For more information about the international day against homophobia, visit

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