Apr 24, 2014

CUPE raises concerns about cancelling recess

BURNABY – CUPE education support members are concerned that some school districts are cancelling or moving recess breaks, despite an essential services order requiring excluded staff (such as managers and administrators) to cover supervisory duties.

“School districts must respect collective agreements and the essential services order,” said CUPE BC President Mark Hancock.

The Labour Relations Board ruled that managers and excluded staff work “to the best extent possible to replace teachers for these activities.”

CUPE Locals are also concerned that Education Assistants not lose hours of work because school districts are cancelling or rescheduling recess to reduce their need to do supervisory duties.

“Education Assistants should not bear the brunt of school board decisions, nor should children be denied breaks,” added Hancock.

CUPE Locals will ensure that collective agreements are not violated and will file grievances as required.

Hancock noted that CUPE fully supports teachers as they work towards a fair and reasonable settlement and will also hold school districts accountable for how they treat education support workers. 


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