Jan 23, 2014

CUPE Metro District Council supports low-income students in Burnaby

BURNABY- Representatives of the CUPE Metro District Council presented a $3,000 contribution to Peggy Woodruff of the Burnaby Association of the Southeast Side (BASES) to help them continue their mission of supporting underprivileged children in the Burnaby Edmonds community. CUPE Local 409 President Marcel Marsolais and CUPE BC General Vice President Ian Norton were joined by BC NDP Burnaby Edmonds MLA Raj Chouhan in the BASES Family Thrift Store located at 7666 Kingsway in Burnaby to meet with staff and volunteers.

The BASES Family Thrift Store is committed to be a “one-stop shop for families’ clothing and household goods within walking distance of home.”  

“Our focus is goods supporting families,” said Woodruff.  “Our goal is to become a magnet store in the Edmonds area for shopping by those in the community as well as those outside the community who wish to embrace reusing and recycling of goods.”


BASES was formed in 2010 to develop, fund, facilitate, promote and carry out activities, services, and programs that will encourage the positive social development of the people who live and work in South East Burnaby.  


By operating this store, BASES is able to provide sustainable funding for various programs run within the local schools, which educate children at risk. 


“There have been both breakfast and lunch programs that received funding for short periods, but further funding is always needed when the various grants run out,” said Woodruff.  “There are also many programs for children and families at risk, which the community desperately needs.” 


“Our goal is for the proceeds from the store will fund a great variety of programs from after-school programs to summer camps to secondary school recreational activities to music programs,” added Woodruff.


BASES also funded a transitional program for girls graduating from grade 7, heading into the secondary school.  This program provided mentoring and workshops, focusing on building self-esteem and confidence, knowledge of social media, leadership, and budgeting money.





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