Feb 09, 2011

CUPE members encouraged to attend mineworkers memorial February 17

BURNABY—CUPE BC is committed to global solidarity and supporting the plight of workers everywhere. We are asking CUPE members to join with our friends in the United Steel Workers at a rally next Thursday, February 17 to support and commemorate the 65 Mexican mine workers killed in a mining explosion in 2006. Mexican workers deserve the same respect as any other worker, whether here in BC or across the globe. Wherever we see injustice, it is important that we stand up and be counted.

At the request of a number of Global Union Federations and the CLC, the United Steel Workers Union, District 3 are organizing a rally to support Mexican mine workers and labour rights generally in Mexico.

WHERE: Harbour Green Park (across the street from the Mexican Consulate)

West Cordova and Bute, Vancouver

WHEN: 10:30 am, Thursday February 17, 2011

This rally marks the February 19, 2006 explosion at the Pasta de Conchos coal mine in Northern Mexico which killed 65 miners. For more information on the explosion and its aftermath, click here.

These miners had initially refused to enter the mine because of unsafe levels of methane gas. However, they were “leased” workers with no union protection and were threatened with termination if they refused to work the mine. In only a matter of hours, a disastrous explosion occurred killing all 65 workers. To date, the bodies of those workers have not been recovered in order for their families to attain closure.

Please take the time if you can to attend this important event.

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