Jul 18, 2013

CUPE member hit by car at NSWC picket line

NORTH VANCOUVER – Day 75 of the North Shore Winter Club (NSWC) lockout took an unexpected turn when a CUPE member was hit by a car crossing the picket line at the club.

Witnesses say that the man was attempting to move out of the way for the car when he was struck. Shortly after the incident a manager at the club came out, and allegedly physically assaulted the CUPE member, then took his cell phone from him. According to other picketers the manager was upset that he was trying to take her picture.

The incident happened just after 1 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon and police were called to the scene and an investigation is now underway.

CUPE 389 President Cindy McQueen says the disrespectful behaviour displayed by the manager doesn’t surprise her.

“This type of behaviour is completely unacceptable. Someone was struck by a vehicle entering the club and no one from the club came out to check if that individual was OK,” said McQueen. “Managers at the NSWC are continually rude and disrespectful to the employees they locked out. It appears as though managers are more interested in provoking our members than putting effort into ending the dispute they created.”

McQueen says that CUPE employees at the NSWC are eager to get back to work and that CUPE is urging the NSWC board of directors to end the lockout at the club.

The lockout at the NSWC affects 16 CUPE 389 members who are dedicated professionals that ensure the health and safety of the family recreation centre. They work as building service workers, maintenance workers, iceman and stationary equipment operators and are responsible for handling dangerous chemicals at the club including ammonia and chlorine. 

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