Apr 29, 2010

CUPE Local 1936 members support merger

BURNABY—Today’s announcement that CUPE-signatory employer Gateway Society Services for Persons with Autism and Health Sciences Association-signatory employer Peace Arch Society are merging to form a new entity is good news for patients and employees alike, CUPE Local 1936 President Michael Lanier said today.

Gateway and Peace Arch announced today that the two societies are merging. The new, amalgamated society, Sources, will become the employer of CUPE members formerly employed by Gateway, and the employer of HSA members formerly employed by Peace Arch.

“Both the previous employer, Gateway, and the new Employer, Sources, approached CUPE early in merger negotiations to work out any issues that may arise,” said Lanier. “This forward-thinking and -acting employer will go a long way to ensuring no losses will be suffered by any of their dedicated employees.”

Lanier said the early discussions helped ensure that CUPE members would see virtually no change in their working environment other than the name of the employer.

“We have had a long and good working relationship with Gateway, which will continue into the future under Sources,” said Lanier. “We work well together and expect that positive relationship to continue. Both Sources and CUPE 1936 members share the same goal: quality care for our clients and patients.”

The Health Sciences Association is the other union working together with CUPE and Sources to ensure there are no contractual or work disruptions during or after the amalgamation.

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