Aug 30, 2011

CUPE BC signs on to block ‘dirty oil’ pipeline

BURNABY—The CUPE BC Environment Committee is calling on members across the province to say ‘no’ to dirty oil.

The committee is calling for CUPE members to sign on to a petition to US president Barack Obama to stop plans for a cross-border pipeline from the Tar Sands. The goal is 50,000 signatures.

Petition sponsor Avaaz explains that “Canada mines deadly oil that creates toxic sludge lakes and destroys forests in Alberta -- and Harper needs Obama's help to sell it. Our own government is captured by powerful oil interests, but Obama is wavering on building a new cross-border pipeline. If enough Canadians ask him to protect the world from our deadly oil, we could tip the balance away from pollution.”

CUPE BC Environmental Committee member Sheryl Burns says CUPE members can do a lot to fight the Harper agenda on dirty oil. “It only takes a moment to sign the petition and another moment to pass it along to friends – two moments that could make a big difference for the environment.” 

Sign the petition now.

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