Mar 14, 2012

CUPE BC represented at World Water Forum in France: GVP McQueen part of union delegation to fight privatization and forge alliances

MARSEILLES—CUPE delegates to the World Water Forum and the Alternative World Water Forum, taking place in Marseille, France (March 12-17) met with other public sector union delegates on Monday to plan strategy to promote public water and discredit the corporate Water Forum, which has become little more than a trade show for privatization and big water corporations.

CUPE delegates also attended side meetings with civil service organizations and the global justice movement, where representatives from governments were invited to hear our call for a more democratic and legitimate water forum that should replace the World Water Forum and be under the auspices of the United Nations.

Among the delegates this week is CUPE 389 president and CUPE BC general vice-president Cindy McQueen.

“I represent activists and municipal water workers who know the importance of growing the grassroots, and increasing participation in our campaigns,” said McQueen. “Forging alliances and working with activists from around the world, we can make a difference and build a much broader grassroots coalition.”

CUPE has opposed every World Water Forum since 2000. The forum is controlled by the world‘s largest water corporations, is unaccountable and lacks the transparency vital to decision-making about the world’s water resources and services.

As the union representing most of Canada’s water and wastewater workers, CUPE brings its perspective on a variety of key topics to the events.

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