Feb 03, 2011

CUPE BC launches new media campaign to support Ten Percent Shift

BURNABY—CUPE BC’s Ten Percent Shift campaign took a big step forward today with the launch of the campaign website,, along with a Facebook page that will offer British Columbians the opportunity to help improve local economies all over the province.

“Other jurisdictions that have implemented the Ten Percent Shift have seen direct benefits to local economies and that means additional revenue for local governments to provide important public services,” said CUPE BC President Barry O’Neill. “It won’t happen overnight, but the problem of declining local economies didn’t happen overnight either. But citizens all over the province are looking for ways to make sure their communities stay strong and sustainable, and the Ten Percent Shift is a great way of helping.”

Visitors to the site can take the Ten Percent Shift pledge, agreeing to shift ten percent of their household purchases towards locally manufactured goods and services from locally owned independent businesses.

“Doing the shift by yourself might not seem like the most effective way of making change,” said O’Neill. “That’s why I encourage people to invite their neighbours over for a coffee or glass of wine to talk about how they can work together to make a difference. I’ve started doing just that, and it’s a fun, relaxing and enjoyable way of helping local businesses prosper, while we all make sure we get higher quality products and services.”

O’Neill will be touring the province over the coming months to promote the Ten Percent Shift.

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