Sep 01, 2011

CUPE BC donates $13,000 to help locked out SFU workers

BURNABY—As the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) lockout of CUPE Local 3338 staff entered its eighth week, CUPE BC president Barry O’Neill announced a donation of $13,000 to the 15 members who have gone without paycheques since the lockout began on July 10.

“The misguided and ideological politicians running the show at the Simon Fraser Student Society tried to break our members by squeezing them financially during summer, the slowest time on campus,” said O’Neill. “But they clearly underestimated the resolve, courage and commitment of our members to stand up for what is right. With the new fall semester about to start, the employer is going to be under incredible pressure to end the lockout and restore student services. CUPE BC and locals from across the province will continue to stand in solidarity with our 3338 brothers and sisters to ensure the employer feels that pressure, ends the lockout and signs a fair deal.”

O’Neill also pointed out that CUPE locals from across the province, representing more than 80,000 members, are calling every day to offer more support for the Simon Fraser Student Society staff. O’Neill also announced that CUPE will host a significant rally and BBQ in support of the locked out members on Tuesday, September 13 from 12pm to 2pm at the fountain next to Convocation Mall.

In his letter to Local 3338 members, O’Neill stated; “We will never allow a small number of bullies to take away from workers what they have achieved over the years.”

Read Barry O’Neill’s full letter to Local 3338 members.

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