Jun 13, 2016

CUPE 561 concerned about developments at Coquitlam Public Library

COQUITLAM – CUPE 561 is raising a red flag about recent actions of the Coquitlam Public Library (CPL) Board to implement a restructuring plan that would see a 150 percent increase in management positions. 

“Our library is a valuable community resource,” said CUPE 561 Library Sector Shop Steward Allison Hardman. “Instead of spending more than $600,000 on additional management staff, we’d prefer that funding go towards books and resources for library patrons.”

Coquitlam Public Library has created and is advertising for six new management positions which would create a significantly larger and costlier management structure than other public libraries in the Lower Mainland. 

CUPE 561 is concerned that the Library Board declined their request to present at their last board meeting, but will be presenting to City Council today to voice their concerns and ask if City Council (the main funder of CPL) intends to give CPL the extra funding to cover the cost of the new management positions.

“Our members are frontline workers who care a great deal about public libraries, especially CPL,” said Hardman. “Without clarity on where the funding is coming from for this restructuring we remain deeply concerned about the negative impact this could have on services. Concerned library patrons and residents should get in touch with the Library Board or City Council and ask them how they plan to pay for all this.”

CUPE 561 represents approximately 70 library workers who support literacy development; recommend and find materials for patrons; provide administrative support to the Coquitlam Library Board; and maintain and provide a public service that is available and accessible to everyone in the community.

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