Oct 19, 2021

CUPE 1936 members at QMUNITY join pension plan

VANCOUVER—Following months of negotiations with the employer and ratification by the membership, CUPE Local 1936 and the non-profit organization QMUNITY have now submitted their application to join the Multi-Sector Pension Plan (MSPP).

During collective bargaining last year, CUPE Local 1936 and QMUNITY agreed to terms to join a pension plan. Following a participation agreement reached last week, the employer and employees will contribute a percentage of wages to the pension plan each month, with a lifetime pension paid to employees upon their retirement. The enrollment in the MSPP is still subject to the approval of the board.

“Joining the pension plan is a significant step for our members’ financial security during retirement and will result in greater employee commitment and satisfaction,” said CUPE 1936 member Rana Nourallah (she/her), who sat on the bargaining committee.

“We commend the employer for recognizing the value that a pension plan brings to improving QMUNITY’s recruitment and retention efforts as well as investing in the experience and skills of its employees.”

CUPE 1936 represents seven members at QMUNITY, a Vancouver-based non-profit organization that works to improve queer, trans, and Two-Spirit lives.

The MSPP is a multi-employer target benefit pension plan sponsored by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and managed by an appointed Board of Trustees.

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