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January 21, 2009

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Stand up for seniors’ care

BURNABY—A new campaign by the Hospital Employees’ Union asks us to take a few seconds to stand up for seniors’ care by visiting

Have you had trouble finding a long-term care bed for a frail parent who requires 24/7 care? Can you afford extra fees and charges? Has someone in your family had their surgery cancelled because a shortage of long-term care beds left seniors waiting in hard-to-get hospital beds?

The truth is we’re all affected by the crisis in seniors’ care in British Columbia. And the crisis is getting worse.

Families are worried that their loved ones in long-term care aren’t receiving enough hands-on care to keep them healthy and engaged.

Communities large and small are watching as the public and non-profit care homes they built are closed, to be replaced with private, for-profit facilities. And seniors can’t get the support they need to live safely and independently in their own homes.

There are solutions. But we need to put pressure on the provincial government to act.

Send a message to the premier, health minister, opposition leader and your MLA about the state of seniors’ care in B.C. It only takes a few seconds at

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