Jul 22, 2011

Critical time for community social services bargaining

BURNABY— With essential service levels for CUPE’s community social services throughout B.C. nearly complete, it’s more important than ever to get out and support the workers who provide these services.

“Essential service levels will be concluded by the end of the month,” says CUPE’s CSS coordinator Cheryl Colborne. “They need to be finished in order for us to exercise our strong strike mandate.”

More news is expected next week as the CSS strike co-ordinating committee is meeting on Monday.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot that CUPE members can do in their own communities to raise awareness about and draw support for community social services. Contact your local president to raise the issues. Get out and get visible at summer events in your community. Join B.C.’s Community Social Services Workers’ Facebook group.

For more information, visit the Fair Deal website which was recently updated:

COPE 491