Dec 02, 2015

Council of Canadians weekend forums on BC’s New Water Sustainability Act

This weekend, the Council of Canadians is sponsoring free events in Kelowna and Kamloops focused on the new Water Sustainability Act.  The Council will present a report that examines what has changed in the Act with particular focus on some of the concerns raised by the new legislation. Join the Council of Canadians National Water Campaigner, Emma Lui, to learn more and to find out what you need to know in order to engage with the new Act.

How will Nestle's bottled water and corporate water takings affect communities' drinking water? Does BC's new Water Sustainability Act protect water sources even if droughts worsen next year? The BC Government has passed into law a new Water Sustainability Act and is looking to begin implementation in early 2016 beginning with new groundwater regulations. The previous act was 100 years old, so we can expect some improvements in the Act. However in the new Act the government has failed to move water governance in the Province from being driven by economics and property rights to promoting stewardship, sustainability and the human right to water.

Friday, Dec. 4th @ 7 pm

Okanagan College, Room H115
1000 K.L.O. Road, Kelowna
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For more information contact: 250-769-1977 or 250-769-4740 / [email protected]

Saturday, Dec. 5th @ 3 pm

Smorgasbord Deli
225 7th Ave, Kamloops
On Facebook:
For more info contact: 250-851-6050 or 250-377-0055


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